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Ron Rivera Presser: We’re just starting to scratch the surface on offense

Ron Rivera speaks to the media after today's practicep

Ron Rivera gave more updates as the Washington Football Team prepares for their first away game of the season, traveling to Arizona to play the Cardinals on Sunday. He continued to hammer home the point that his defense has to contain QB Kyler Murray, and the linebackers and secondary need to play disciplined football. If they get caught looking in the backfield, they can give up big plays. DeAndre Hopkins and Larry Fitzgerald can both get behind defenses, and they don’t want a repeat of Jalen Reagor breaking out for a big play last week.

Washington’s offense isn’t where they want to be right now, and Rivera said it might not be there until next season. Every team in the league had to deal with a shortened, and highly regulated offseason program this season. They still have a ways to go installing their offense, and there are a lot of nuances that take time to implement.

Rivera went on to talk about a few of the main players on offense. Logan Thomas has a good skillset, even if he’s not a natural TE, and Rivera feels pretty good about him. TE Pete Hoener was hard on him in training camp, but he has a history of improving TEs he works with. Terry McLaurin is a true pro. Dwayne Haskins Jr. has taken more responsibility as a leader, and works with his teammates to improve on his mistakes.

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