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Cult Of Colt: Ryan Kerrigan Eats A Healthy Sack Lunch

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NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Cult of Colt is back and undefeated following a slightly shocking Washington Football Team week 1 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. Gumbi and Bryan look back at the game that was and bow down to a dominating performance by NFC DPOW Ryan Kerrigan and the defensive front seven. While we are in the majority of folks who didn’t see our first victory Monday coming so soon, we dive deep on the good (the defense), the bad (the running game), and the ugly (anything related to Eagles fans.)

While Dwayne Haskins did enough to “not lose” the game, we offer our grades (on the curve of course) and consider whether this style of play is going to be satisfactory a month or two down the line. In addition, after considering the opening week win, we revisit our pre-season win predictions to see if we should have been more optimistic. Gumbi has some words for the haters who disagreed with his Troy Apke assessment, as well as some praise for the aforementioned Troy Apke.

We look to the week ahead as the WFT takes on another team that is 1-0 following an “upset” victory, as Kyler Murray and the “upstart” Arizona Cardinals are next on the list.

Finally, after having so much fun doing some Guy Remembering last week with our Mason/Brennan nods, we decide to make a habit out of it and Gumbi shares his fond affinity for one of his all-time Burgundy-and-Gold favorites, the head-hunting Super Bowl-winning safety, Brad Edwards.

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