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Scott Turner Presser: Dwayne Haskins didn't put the ball in harm's way, we had no penalties/turnovers

Scott Turner speaks to the media after today's practice

Scott Turner talked about calling his first game as the offensive coordinator for the Washington Football Team. He knew there would be adversity in Week 1 against the defending division champion Philadelphia Eagles. He didn't expect to fall behind 17-0, but the team fought to chip away at that lead, and eventually score 27 points to get the win.

Dwayne Haskins Jr. played like the rest of the offense, started off slowly, but then got into more of a rhythm and started stringing plays together. Washington's starting QB had zero turnovers which is what any OC wants to hear. Turner didn't know about Haskins half time speech until after the game because he was in the booth(where he plans on calling games from all year). That speech shows his increased confidence and leadership.


Gotta play better:

Dwayne Haskins Jr.:

Mobile QBs:

First scoring drive:

Follow the plan:

Antonio Gandy-Golden:

Calling plays from the booth:

Using motion: