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Ron Rivera Presser: “We’re not even close to where we should be, or where I think we can be.”

Ron Rivera speaks to the media after today's practice

Ron Rivera was there for Washington's first practice since defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 27-17 on Sunday. He said he was surprised by how the team started out the game, falling behind 17-0. Rivera sees a lot of room for improvement, and "they're not even close to where they should be".

The left side of the offensive line was the weak point that kept getting the most attention during and after the game. Rivera again said that Geron Christian Sr. And Wes Martin struggled early, but played better as the game went on.

Rivera is moving onto the Arizona Cardinals this week, and he said watching QB Kyler Murray gives him anxiety. The Cardinals beat the 49ers on Sunday because they were able to neutralize their stellar DL with a strong running game, short throws, and Murray's ability to move outside the pocket.

Injury report:

Geron Christian Sr./Wes Martin:

Kyler Murray:

DeAndre Hopkins:

Cardinals offense vs 49ers Defensive Line:

Ryan Kerrigan:

Slow start vs Eagles:

New roster options:

Cancer treatment on the road:

Eric Reid:

Wide receivers:

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