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WFT Vs. Eagles Film Review - Tyler’s Takes

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

This was a very fun game to rewatch - again, and again...and again!

The great part about rewatching these games, is I always pick up on things I missed the first time around. This time, it was the Morgan Moses show. His trainer had told me all summer that Moses was putting in that work, and we frequently talked about this - but I guess I had to see it with my own eyes to believe it.

Aside from Moses, and my Studs and Duds(which I should have had him on), here are a few more observations from the eye in the sky from our game against the Eagles.

I hope you enjoy - and please be active in the comments section!


- Dwayne Haskins wasn’t perfect on the afternoon, but he made some big-time throws when he needed to.

- I do not think Logan Thomas is TE1, nor do I think he will ever become that, but he showed effort blocking and had a few nice grabs. He may turn out to be a decent TE2 and good transition to a rookie in 2021.

- Morgan Moses played well. Actually, after re-watching the game, he played VERY well. I should have put him on my Studs list.

- Chase Young is going to be an absolute terror in this league for years to come!

- Ryan Kerrigan keeps doing what he’s done his entire time in DC. Coming off the bench in a reserve roll may be a very good thing for his longevity and a very bad thing for opposing offenses.

- Montez Sweat is going to EAT this season! He had a nice game on Sunday.

- Fabian Moreau played pretty well on Sunday. Here you see the great read and jump he gets on this interception.

- Jimmy Moreland came to play on Sunday, and had himself a heck of a game! Just wish he was 2 inches taller.


- First year starting left tackle Geron Christian had his ups and downs Sunday - but his downs may have well outnumbered his ups.

- Not sure Wes Martin is a starting guard in the NFL right now. I have had my doubts he can ever become a serviceable option. He was awful on Sunday.

- Troy Apke continues to make the same mistakes that have plagued him throughout his young career.