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Ron Rivera and Ken Zampese talk about Dwayne Haskins Jr., getting ready for the Eagles, and more

Ron Rivera speaks to the media after today’s practice

Washington Football Team Head Coach Ron Rivera and QB Coach Ken Zampese answered questions after today’s practice. Rivera was fully in charge of today’s practice after missing Tuesday’s and showing up for the afternoon portion yesterday. He began his cancer treatments this week, and he will be doing them 5 times a week for 7 weeks.

Rivera talked to the team captains about the National Anthem, and what players plan to do during it this season. He supports every players decision, and says team unity isn’t everyone doing the same thing, it’s everyone supporting each other and their decisions.

Rivera continues to call the Philadelphia Eagles the gold standard of the division, but says the team is prepared for them this week. This will be a measuring stick to see where the team is. Rivera talked about the rivalries in the NFC East, and says he got his start as a position coach with Andy Reid in Philadelphia. He understands the tradition and the intensity in the NFC East.

Both coaches talked about Dwayne Haskins Jr. and the progress he’s made this offseason in transforming his body, and becoming a leader on the team. He was voted a team captain by his peers yesterday, and now he’s just got to prove it on the field. Ken Zampese has all the confidence in the world in Haskins, and called him a hungry player. They have developed a good relationship, and a communication system to allow for shorter instructions between plays.

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