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NFL taking over investigation of Washington Football Team's workplace misconduct, Dan Snyder says it was his idea

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NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The drama in Washington never stops. Over the last month and a half there have been a lot of changes resulting from two Washington Post stories that detailed allegations of sexual harrassment and workplace misconduct that happened under Dan Snyder. The culture of the organization has been described as toxic. Multiple women spoke to the Post for the first story, and then more spoke out, including new allegations involving inappropriate videos made of cheerleaders, in the second story.

Two executives involved were fired, and former "Voice of the Redskins" Larry Michael resigned before the story was published. Dan Snyder hired high-powered attorney Beth Wilkinson and her law firm to do an investigation into the allegations, and the culture of the organization.

It was reported that the NFL had consulted with Snyder on the hiring. Last night it was reported that the league is taking over the investigation, and the investigators will report to Roger Goodell. Snyder will also be releasing employees from non-disclosure agreements that were signed.

Snyder has told the NFL he will release current and former team employees from nondisclosure agreements for the sole purpose of cooperating with Wilkinson and the Wilkinson Walsh law firm looking into the findings of two reports by The Washington Post that detailed years of demeaning, exploitative treatment of 40 female employees during Snyder’s 21-year tenure, according to Lisa J. Banks, a partner of the D.C. firm Katz, Marshall & Banks, which represents more than 12 such former employees, based on her conference call with league officials Monday.

“I think that will be extremely helpful in making employees and former employees come forward and share their experiences with the investigators,” Banks said following the call.

“The NFL was getting information every couple days, a few times a week. Now they are talking to the investigators every day. Whatever information they were getting, they decided to take a more active role.”

Dan and Tanya Snyder released a statement saying that this move was suggested by them so the results are thorough, complete, and trusted by the fans, the players, the players, their employees,, and the public. Lawyers for some of the women involved have called for Dan Snyder to be suspended during the investigation, but that step has not been taken yet.

The league has a few options for punishment depending on their findings. It still remains unlikely that the other team owners would force Snyder to sell based on the current information available, but there is no telling what will come out when more people start talking.