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Washington WR Coach Jim Hostler: Depth chart is wide open after Terry McLaurin

Washington Football Team WR Coach Jim Hostler talks to the media

The Washington Football Team’s new WRs Coach Jeff Hostler has the most inexperienced group on the team, and probably the biggest challenge going into his first season with the team. He praised Terry McLaurin for his breakout rookie season, but he wants him to expand his game as defenses will work to stop him now that he is a clear #1 WR in the league. McLaurin will be moved around to take advantage of situations and his speed.

Coach Hostler was very honest about just how young and inexperienced the WRs are after Terry McLaurin. He admits he doesn’t know them yet, and some of them don’t even have much game tape to watch. He is penciling Steven Sims Jr. and Trey Quinn in for the slot position until they can get in more practice time to evaluate the group.

The WFT drafted two Antonios this year and Coach Hostler was asked about both of them. He says Antonio Gandy-Golden is faster than his 40 time suggests, and he keeps up with 4.3 guys. Antonio Gibson played WR in college, and it’s natural for him. This will make him a matchup issue for defenses when he’s playing out of the backfield this season.

WR Depth/Youth:


Slot WR:

Alex Smith:

Terry McLaurin:

Antonio Gibson:

Antonio Gandy-Golden:

WRs relationship with Dwayne Haskins Jr.:

Kelvin Harmon:

Missed practice time: