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Antonio Gibson Presser: J.D. McKissic is a similar player, we could be a problem together

Antonio Gibson speaks to the media after today’s practice

Antonio Gibson is expected to play a big role in Washington’s offense this year. He continues to get a ton of reps with the first team, and stays after practice to work with starting QB Dwayne Haskins Jr. He said it was a slow start, but he can see the coaches getting more confident in him. Ron Rivera said they have been throwing a lot at the 3rd round rookie, but Gibson said he hasn’t had a hard time picking anything up. Pass protection and the speed of the game are the biggest adjustments for him.

Gibson is very comfortable in the offense Scott Turner is installing for Washington. He doesn’t feel limited, or forced into a certain role. He mentions running power, jet sweeps, and screens makes it harder on defenses. J.D. McKissic is a similar back to Gibson, with McKissic being quicker, and Gibson bigger. He said it’s going to be a problem for defenses when the WRs turned RBs are on the field at the same time.

Slow start:

Getting a lot of training camp reps:

Hardest thing to learn in camp:

Big plays:

Attack mentality:

Washington’s offense:

Learning from playing different sports:

Adrian Peterson:

Speed of the game:

J.D. McKissic:

Working with Dwayne Haskins Jr. after practice: