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Washington DL Coach Sam Mills III Presser: “Let’s be honest, this (DL)room is supposed to lead this defense”

Washington DL Coach Sam Mills III answers questions from the media

The Washington Football Team’s new Defensive Line Coach Sam Mills III is next up in the team’s position coach pressers. He also has a long history with Head Coach Ron Rivera, and talked about the process of changing a team/organization’s culture. He echoed themes that we’ve heard all year about accountability, versatility, and competition being key to building the team the right way.

Mills spoke highly of #2 overall pick Chase Young, the rookie’s determination to be better at the next level, and not to rest on what he did in college. He also spoke very highly of 3rd year DL Tim Settle, who should have a big role in the DL rotation this year.

Pass rushing rookies:

Chase Young:



Success with the Panthers:

Ryan Kerrigan:

Ron Rivera’s culture:

Virtual offseason:

Familiarity with players through scouting process:



Tim Settle:

DL leading the defense: