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J.D. McKissic Presser: “We’ve got some real dogs in that group, it’s competitive”

J.D. McKissic speaks to the media after today’s practice

J.D. McKissis is having the best training camp of his 5 year career in the NFL. He sees improvement every day, and enjoys the competition on the team. He has the patience to understand protections and allow linemen to set up combo blocks.

McKissic said he’s been labeled as a situational guy and a weapon, but he feels confident he can be an every down back. Randy Jordan has been helping him in his transition from WR to RB, and he says he finally feels the game is slowing down for him at the position. Antonio Gibson is also making the full time switch from WR to RB this year, and he says when they’re on the field together it’s going to put stress on defenses.

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