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Jimmy Moreland Presser: "Potential ain't worth nothing unless you know what to do with it"

Jimmy Moreland speaks to the media after today’s practice

“The People’s Corner” Jimmy Moreland got a chance to answer questions from local reporters today. He is comfortable in Washington’s new defense under Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio. Things have slowed down this year, and he is able to trust his training and his instincts more. He’s also playing inside and outside in this defense, and learning all the responsibilities for each.

Ron Rivera always raves about Jimmy Moreland’s personality in camp, and he says he’s just a fun guy to be around. He never gets mad unless he has a bad play. He watched a lot of film from last year, and picked out plays where he could have helped the team get out of bad situations. He’s not focusing on 2019, but wants to learn from it as the team moves forward to 2020.

Moreland talked about learning from fellow DBs Landon Collins and Kendall Fuller. He also likes going up against all the different WRs Washington has on the team right now. Steven Sims Jr.’s quickness, and Cam Sims size offer up different challenges for him. He is also a big fan of DBs Coach Chris Harris who was also a late round draft pick in the NFL. He is energetic and knows the game inside and out.

New defense:



Last year:

Learning from veterans:

DBs Coach Chris Harris:

Learning from the WRs:

Defensive line: