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Ron Rivera Presser: Why shouldn’t we use our platform, why shouldn’t we do it the right way

Ron Rivera speaks to the media

The Washington Football Team is lucky to have Ron Rivera as their head coach in 2020. There are always off the field stories that come out during the offseason(and the season to be honest), but 2020 has been a constant stream of WTFs for the WFT.

The team postponed their planned scrimmage at FedEx Field today, and instead held a meeting with the players(and another one with employees on the business side of the organization) to discuss racism and social injustice. The police shooting of Jacob Blake has incited new riots, and led to games being cancelled in almost all of the major sports over the last few days. Rivera encouraged players to come up with a cause that is unique to them.

Rivera didn’t used to think that players should speak out on social issues, and politics, but it is a different time now, and players voices carry weight. Eric Reid helped change his perspective when he was signed in Carolina, and Rivera’s opinion has been evolving as he did more research into the various issues today.

Postponed practice:

Supporting causes:

Newest allegations against the WFT:

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Difference in fears when getting pulled over:

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