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Podcast: Let’s Get Weird On Offense

NFL: The Washington Football Team-Training Camp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It’s crazy to think that we’re roughly three weeks away from the 2020 season officially getting underway for the Washington Football Team. This offseason has been a weird one, but maybe just maybe that leads to the offense embracing the weird.

With no preseason, we as fans have seen limited footage of the team in action. In fact, we’re almost solely living through social media posts from beat reporters that are at camp. I’ll admit, that’s scary.

I like some of the things I’ve seen on video but I also get flashbacks of summer 2017 when videos of Terrelle Pryor and Josh Doctson dominated the internet. Once the season started, “dominate” is something neither guy did.

The receiving corp this season isn’t exactly blowing anyone away – at least as of now – but the same can’t be said about the running back group. The backfield is without question the strongest position on the offense. There’s almost too much talent to know what to do with.

Adrian Peterson has proven he still has some juice left in the tank. So far through camp, Bryce Love and Antonio Gibson seem like they have real potential to make some big plays. If what we’ve seen and read from beat reporters is true about Love and Gibson, they need to be on the field.

That’s where getting weird comes into play. What formations and concepts can Scott Turner dial up to get those guys on the field all at once? Is this the year the team finally utilizes the Wildcat?

I’d say go for it. The team has all these playmakers, use them. The ability to keep the defense on it’s toes should allow for more big plays and end up making life easier for Dwayne Haskins. It’s time to step into 2020 and get a little weird offensively.

The team was ahead of the curve in 2012 with the read-option, it’s time to get ahead now with putting skilled guys all over the field, regardless of position.

(Editor’s note: We don’t need the weird Taysom Hill offense that New Orleans runs. That’s not what I’m advocating for.)

2020 is already going to be a weird NFL season, we might as well get weird with it.