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Washington Football Team Owner Dan Snyder issues statement about latest accusations of misconduct

Dan Snyder responds

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Julie Donaldson statement:

Update: The Washington Football Team's statement

Update: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's statement

The Washington sports world got another taste of what happens inside the Washington Football Teams’ organization today when the Washington Post published another story this morning. This is a followup to the story detailing years of sexual harassment in the workplace that led to the firing of two top executives, and the sudden retirement of Senior VP Larry Michael. It also expanded on the story of misconduct involving Washington cheerleaders that made national headlines two years ago leading to some more “restructurings” at the top of the organization.

Today’s story is the first time that Dan Snyder has been directly named in the cheerleader scandal. Larry Michael allegedly had team videographers make an “outtake” video of a calender photo shoot that focused on cheerleader nudity between shots. One employee said the video was being edited for Snyder and other executives. He is also accused of trying to hook up one of his friends with a cheerleader at a boxing event the team sponsored.

Dan Snyder has now issued the following statement, and will surely get his lawyers involved. His statement calls out the Washington Post for their story, and use of anonymous sources, even though the most damning accusations are on record. He also says the Post wouldn’t use facts provided by the team, while the Post said Snyder didn’t respond for comment. This is going to get ugly.