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Chase Young Presser: “Adversity is always going to come, I’m just going to roll with the punches”

Chase Young speaks to the media after today’s practice

Chase Young getting injured is not a headline that anyone wants to hear unless you are a QB in the NFC East. Luckily his injury is a hip flexor, and Washington’s new coaching/training staff has given him the proper time off and treatment to come back 100%. He had been out since last Wednesday, but return to goal line drills yesterday. Today, he got a little more work in team drills, and his hip feels close to 100%.

Chase Young has been a film junkie since his sophomore season at Ohio State. He says it definitely paid off last year. When he studies pass rushers, he looks at their first step, hand placement on run plays, and overall tracking of the quarterback. Ryan Kerrigan is someone that he studies on the field and off the field. Kerrigan is a dude, he does everything right, and he’s a professional. He’s accountable, he takes care of his responsibilities on and off the field, makes plays on the field, and is a good person in general.

Hip flexor injury:

Learning from other pass rushers:

Film study:

Ryan Kerrigan:

College vs NFL practices: