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Troy Apke Presser: I think everyone’s bought into what Ron Rivera is teaching us

Troy Apke speaks to the media after today's practice

Troy Apke has not been the most popular player on the Washington roster since being drafted in the 4th round two years ago. He was injured his first season, and got to see the field more last year. Either the light bulb has went on, or the change in coaching staff is about to save his career, because he has been getting glowing reports from training camp, and positive mentions from Head Coach Ron Rivera.

Apke said he learned a lot from injuring his hamstring in his rookie season, and is focusing on maintaining his body year round. He is picking up the new defense, and can now think less, and react faster. This has change has been crystal clear if you follow the daily reports on training camp practices, and see Apke’s name popping up daily.

Comfort with new coaches:

Jack Del Rio:

“I think the biggest thing is just kind of—it’s a lot easier just me being more comfortable out there and just kind of going to make plays, really. Whether I’m in the middle of the field or just covering someone, just kind of knowing where everyone else is going to be in the defense so I can make my plays and be in the right position.”

Learning from injuries:

DBs Coach Chris Harris:

Landon Collins:

Playing last season:

“I think just getting more comfortable. It’s different once you start getting reps. Your first rep to your last rep is completely different. You become a completely different player. So just getting reps and becoming more comfortable out there.”


“When I’m out there, from my standpoint it’s just communication and making sure everybody can trust me out there and making sure everyone’s in the right position. That’s just competing every day. That’s just what I’ve been doing.”

Ron Rivera:

“I think he’s doing a really good job. I think what he’s preaching, I think everyone’s bought in and trying to buy into what he’s saying to us. I think he’s done a really good job with that.”

Playing faster/learning the defense: