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WATCH! Dwayne Haskins Jr. and Terry McLaurin are fired up after big TD

What we want to see!

The offense has been struggling during some of the training camp practices. Starting QB Dwayne Haskins Jr. has been getting better as camp has worn on. Terry McLaurin is the team's clear-cut #1 WR, and continues to have a great connection with his QB from Ohio State.

Today's practice was closed out with a perfect throw and catch from the Haskins/McLaurin duo. Terry was racing down the sidelines with CB Greg Stroman in tight coverage. He dove into the end zone, and Dwayne hit him in the hands for the TD. McLaurin, Haskins, and the rest of the WFT's offense broke out into a raucous celebration. It was a thing of beauty, and hopefully something we will be seeing here for year's to come.o come.