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Ron Rivera Presser: Today’s practice wasn’t good enough, we have to take ownership

Ron Rivera answers questions from the media

Washington Football Team Head Coach Ron Rivera addressed the media for the first time since it was revealed that he is starting his fight against cancer. He confirmed that Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio is Plan B for days when he perform his duties. Rivera plans on being at every practice, but Del Rio has enough experience to step in if needed.

Rivera has very vocal about his displeasure with the team and the way today’s practice went. He lit up the team, and explained that they have opportunities, and what is happening in practice now isn’t good enough to win in the NFL. Second-year left guard Wes Martin was named as a player who has every chance to win the starting job this year. Rivera praised Geron Christian Sr. in practice today for improving day to day.

Rivera is emphasizing decision making over accuracy for his quarterbacks for now. All three had their ups and downs today, but the defense was definitely the dominant unit again today, even when they were dropping INTs. He is pretty happy with the cornerbacks he has, and also mentioned the safety depth. He said the secondary is better than some he had in Carolina.

Not good enough in practice:

Padded practices:

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Playing fast: