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Ron Rivera Presser: If you're always protecting QBs in practice, they get a little too comfortable

Ron Rivera talked to the media after practice

Ron Rivera talked about today's Washington Football Team practice that saw the defense dominate the offense. He said it wasn't all on the QB, and a lot of the veteran offensive linemen were give vet days off today. Five O L were also brought in for workouts today.

The coaches are working Alex Smith into practice more, and getting him more comfortable as he started 9 on 9's today. Kyle Allen has done a nice job, but sometimes bypasses the easy play for the sensational play. Dwayne Haskins Jr. has showed the progress Rivera is looking for, and is listening to his coaches. He's not afraid to bring the pass rush in practice, because the QBs can't get too comfortable and have to react to pressure.

Rivera spoke encouragingly about TEs Marcus Baugh and Logan Thomas. He also said UDFA WR Isaiah Wright is getting attention in camp. Antonio Gandy-Golden is using his body well in practice. Rivera praised RB Bryce Love's versatility and ability to absorb contact.

Struggles on offense:

Young offensive linemen:


Marcus Baugh:

Alex Smith:

9 on 9 drills:

Kyle Allen:

Dwayne Haskins Jr.:

Pass rush in practice:

Logan Thomas:

Bryce Love:

Evaluating players:

Young WRs: