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Alex Smith Presser: "It took a long time before I could even look at my leg."

Alex Smith answers questions after practice

Alex Smith has already been dubbed the Comeback Player of the Year by some people. The fact that he has been cleared to practice after almost losing his leg is amazing.

He is well aware of of how unlikely we ly his return to football was. He spoke candidly about his fears, and his decision to allow ESPN to document his recovery process.

Alex Smith said his arm has felt good at practice the last few days. He doesn't have pain in his leg, but there is some discomfort in his knee and the orthotics he has to wear. He mentioned being inspired by other athletes who also wear the brace and have drop foot.

Return to football:


ESPN Documentary 'Project 11':

Why come back after serious injury?:



Getting hit:

Virtual offseason:

Throwing arm:

Thinking about his leg while on the field:

Wearing a brace:

Watching games from the owners box:




No pain: