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Landon Collins Presser: Communication is the biggest key for the secondary

Landon Collins spoke to the media after practice

Landon Collins got a chance to speak with reporters after Tuesday's open training camp practice. It's been a unique offseason, but he's just happy to be back and playing football. Practices have been intense, competitive, and up tempo.

Collins is working on getting to know the new players in the secondary. Communication has been a big issue for Washington DBs, and that is something Collins, along with the new coaching staff, are working to improve.

Training camp:

Ron Rivera:

“Great guy. Great coach. A person that’s going to ask a lot of us players and want a lot. He’s expecting a lot and wants us to be the best players we can be and that’s what he’s harping on. He’s pushing us to the limit, so that’s a good thing for us.”

Reuben Foster:

Old Redskins gear:

Troy Apke:

"He’s doing a great job. He’s understanding what he’s supposed to be looking at. We’re talking all the time on the back end, making sure what he sees. He’s picking my brain on my knowledge about how to play different things and playing within the defensive calls and how we’ve got to see things and see different adjustments. Just being on the same page. My biggest thing to harp on with any safety that’s next to me, and as of right now that’s him, is communication.

Communication is key between both of us because if we’re on the same page it makes everything go smooth. It makes everything easy. Our corners understand we’re on the same page, our nickels and our linebackers on the same page because we know the rotation, we know where we’re supposed to be at. It makes everything easy when somebody back there is able to talk to me and is a consistent role.”

Ronald Darby:

“I never knew him personally [in the past], I watched his game. I think he is an excellent corner, especially playing in Buffalo, playing with the Eagles. He’s doing a great job. He’s put on the island all the time. And like I say, when you get on the island, you win some and you lose some. But he knows how to turn the page and continue playing and doing his job. He’s gone through a lot of injuries, but I think he’s back healthy. He’s doing a superb job out here on the field and doing what he’s supposed to do and making plays on the ball. That’s what we brought him in for.”

Jimmy Moreland:

COVID-19 testing:

Differences from last year:

Alex Smith: