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Steven Sims Jr. Presser: "In this offense they do have me lining up outside a lot."

Steven Sims Jr. Talked to the media after practice

Steven Sims Jr. Got a chance to talk to the media after Tuesday's open practice. He said the energy on offense was better as the team practiced in pads for the first time. The offense was getting the better of the defense, after it was reversed the day before.

Sims sees the slot receiver job as his to lose, but he is still competing every day with Trey Quinn, Darvin Kidsy, and others. He is also working on the outside more in this offense, and is working on his versatility.

Alex Smith:

Energy on offense:

Dwayne Haskins Jr.:

"You can see a lot of growth in Dwayne. Just energy out there, leadership. Once he throws a shallow route, somebody makes a play, gets a first down, he comes up and congratulates you every time. He’s settling into his role very well.”


Spreading the defense out:

“I definitely think there’s enough room. RBs J.D. [McKissic] and [Antonio] Gibson and those guys are going to come out the backfield and make plays. They’ll line up in the slot, get some screens, run a couple routes and things like that. It’s definitely going to give defenses a lot of different looks. Speed here, me and WR Terry [McLaurin] lined up on the same sides here, but we still have J.D. or Antonio on the other side in the slot, so we’re giving the defense a lot of looks. They have to play the whole field. They have to play us honest. Last year I felt it was a little cover two to Terry and somebody else make a play. I don’t think they’ll be able to do that to us this year.”

Slot WR:

Playing outside:

Offseason work:

"I feel like it was just growing from what we built and what we established last year as a young group. We all came in together so we’re all kind of close-knit. Me, Terry, WR Kelvin [Harmon], we just helped each other as we went. We had questions and things we asked each other. We asked [former wide receivers coach Ike Hilliard] of course last year, we asked Ike, but on the field sometimes when we’re in motion and the play’s being called, we can only depend on each other and whoever’s out there on the field with us. I feel like we just kind of grew on that and we’re headed in the right direction. It was a lot of fun, a lot of laughing, a lot of joking but we were serious. We were out there putting in work. It was business.”