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Ron Rivera Presser: "I think we've got a good group of young, young guys"

Ron Rivera answers questions from the media after today's practice

Today was the Washington Football Team's first practice that was open to reporters(see pictures, videos, and updates here). It was also the first day the team had pads on and Head Coach Ron Rivera was excited to see some hitting from his new players. He wasn't excited about the tempo and some of the bad habits that players had early in camp after an extended period of time off.

Alex Smith is being slowly reintroduced to football after recently getting cleared following his life-threatening leg injury/infection two years ago. Rivera is watching how Smith, Reuben Foster, and Bryce Love are responding to their returns to football practices.

You will see a lot of different combinations of players as the team tries to figure out the depth chart. Rivera specifically pointed out the offensive line and linebackers. Dwayne Haskins Jr. has also got some work in with all the WRs.


Alex Smith:

Players returning from injury:

Landon Collins:

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Different combinations in practice:

Young QBs:

Correcting bad habits:

Hitting at practice:

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Injury updates:

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