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Terry McLaurin Presser: “When you’re on offense, you should be dictating the tempo”

Terry McLaurin speaks to the media from training camp

Terry McLaurin got his turn at the Zoom mic today, and talked about the offseason, the new offense, and improving on his breakout rookie year. He has been learning the new offense virtually, but says he is the type of player that likes to run routes/plays repetitively. McLaurin likes the new offense for it’s versatility and aggression.

The Washington Football Team has a lot of young, unproven receivers behind McLaurin on the depth chart, but he says that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to produce. Kelvin Harmon’s ACL injury was a loss, but he is very high on rookie Antonio Gandy-Golden.

Terry McLaurin focused on working on his footwork and route running this offseason, and started right after the Super Bowl. He wanted better foot and ankle flexibility to get in and out of his routes cleaner. He also worked out with Odell Beckham Jr. this offseason and shared knowledge with him.

Ron Rivera brings a different mindset to the Washington Football Team, and McLaurin said that as long as you buy into the message you will be fine. Rivera’s focus is on attitude, preparation, and effort, and he also preaches discipline, respect, and playing hard. The team will be attacking on both sides of the ball.

McLaurin notices the same change in Dwayne Haskins Jr. that many people have noted this year. Washington’s franchise QB has taken command of the team, and is becoming the leader the team needs this season. Haskins organized workouts with his receivers, worked to transform his body, and has completely bought into the new offense.

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