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Montez Sweat Presser: Bulking up for the 4-3 and improving on his rookie year

Montez Sweat talks to the media from training camp

Montez Sweat spoke to the media today after the team practiced with helmets on for the first time this year(in the bubble due to weather). He is bulking up as he prepares to return to playing in a 4-3 like he played in college at Mississippi State. The key is maintaining the weight throughout the season.

Sweat had 7 sacks his rookie season, with 5.5 of them coming in the 2nd half of the year. He developed more of a pass rush plan later in the year, and also studied opposing QBs more to find their tendencies, and exploit them. The goal this year under new Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio is to attack, and also get more sacks.

Ron Rivera:

Getting bigger for the 4-3:

Pass rush goals:

Pass rush plan:

Sky is the limit for the DL:

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Rookie expectations/improvements:

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