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Dwayne Haskins speaks to reporters: says he wants to earn the role of offensive captain

Washington's starting QB answers questions from the local sports media

Washington's second-year quarterback, Dwayne Haskins, took the stage on Tuesday morning to field questions from local reporters. As usual, Dwayne’s comments were fairly concise, without many wasted words, which gave him the opportunity to cover a lot of ground. He opened up talking generally about the training camp experience, and discussed the need to learn the details of the offense and understand the playcaller’s goals right now.

Dwayne was asked early in the session about Alex Smith, and the young QB offered praise for Alex’s work ethic and support. Dwayne said that he sees Smith as a “mentor in the room”. He also talked very positively about a number of other teammates, including a number of defensive players, stressing the value of strong competition, but adding that the team has “a lot to prove”.

It was interesting to hear Haskins talk about his goals for the coming season, which he framed primarily in terms of proving himself as a leader, at one point saying that he hopes to earn the right to be an offensive captain. He talked about implementing the good advice he gets from Ron Rivera and other coaches, and even spent some time discussing the value of having spent much of the off-season working out with talented veteran players from across the league. He added that he’ll probably try to do the same thing next year.

He was asked specifically about the opportunity he had to speak with Cam Newton this off-season, and Dwayne said that it was a valuable opportunity that he will remember for the rest of his life.

He talked about the sacrifices that were part of his life this off-season as he tried to prepare himself physically and mentally to rise to a new level. In answer to a specific question about his running ability, Haskins described himself as a “pass first quarterback”, but added that he felt like he could add to his game, using his legs to extend plays or convert 3rd downs.

One of the best phrases he used was saying that he hoped to be “a bright spot in DC”; it seemed to encapsulate everything he talked about during this Q&A session.

When he talked about the new coaches and offensive system, he discussed the challenges, but said that he felt very comfortable, and that he is further along now than he was at the same time last year, stressing the similarities from one year to the next. He talked about the system for playcalling in college and what he experienced as a rookie, saying that Scott Turner’s system is one he is learning and that he looks forward to playing in. He added that having a year of experience with many of the offensive players will help him this season since they will be able to build on what they did together a year ago.

He was asked if he had reached out to Derrius Guice to provide support, and replied that he is giving Guice some personal space but plans to make contact in a few days.

Haskins closed the media session talking about the potential loss of the college football season and how that would affect his friends and former teammates at Ohio State. Dwayne talked about how hard college athletes work to prepare for the season, and that he feels for them in the current uncertain situation.

All in all, Dwayne Haskins presented himself as being confident and prepared for the challenges of training camp and a season played under the unusual conditions that the pandemic has brought. He seems to be in tune with his coaches and teammates and hoping to earn a larger leadership role day by day.

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