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Washington DBs Coach Chris Harris Presser: "Your team is only as tough as your corners' tackling"

New Washington DBs Coach Chris Harris answers questions from the media

We got a chance to hear from the Washington Football Team's new DBs Coach Chris Harris for the first time today. He talked about bringing more press coverage to the secondary, and emphasized DBs getting their hands on receivers. He also talked about players being more physical and the importance of corners' tackling. Harris saw the communications issues that have plagued Washington's secondary for years when he studied the tape, and will work to improve it this year.

Coach Harris talked about the versatility he wants from players in his secondary. Kendall Fuller, Jimmy Moreland, Landon Collins, Fabian Moreau and others can all be used at multiple spots. Competition will determine who gets playing time, and will start games this season.

He also spoke highly of his friend, and former teammate, Thomas Davis. He will be a great influence on the entire team, and will be a coach on the field.

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