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Division Links: The BGN community discusses Desean Jackson’s instagram posts; BtB looks at McLaurin vs. Cooper

Bleeding Green Nation

DeSean Jackson issues apology after sharing quotes attributed to Adolf Hitler on Instagram [UPDATE]

Bleeding Green Nation

DeSean Jackson made a terrible mistake. Cutting him doesn’t solve the problem.

In Jackson’s case, this seems more like a case of ignorance than someone who has hate in their heart for the Jewish people. While I can sympathize with the reaction to want him cut, the way Jackson’s ignorance is being portrayed rubs me the wrong way. Banner suggested that things would be discussed differently if a white player did something similar. Well, actually, the Patriots drafted a guy with a white supremacist tattoo. He was pressed on it for a week, he simply claimed ignorance to its meaning, said he would remove it, and everyone seemingly moved on. Reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year, Nick Bosa has a history of bigoted social media interaction, but he chalked it up to ignorance and it has not stopped him from a high draft position or subsequent accolades.

Also, of course, there is the Riley Cooper-sized elephant in the room. Cooper, famously, screamed the n-word at a concert. It was blamed on ignorance and alcohol. Many voices in the media and team expressed that they thought it should be a teaching moment for Cooper. Months later, he got a lucrative extension with the team. So, to address what Banner suggested, the fact of the matter is that white players have quite publicly been called on bigoted actions and often face no repercussion beyond momentary embarrassment.

Some nuance and compassion needs to be had here. DeSean Jackson should not be let off the hook, nor should he be infantilized by saying he doesn’t know any better. Rather, Jackson needs to be spoken to head on and realize why what he said was harmful. DeSean Jackson is clearly feeling a lot of pain right now. Black people across the country are feeling a lot of pain. As a Jewish person, and someone who cares deeply about social justice, casting DeSean Jackson out of the discussion does not sit right with me.

Blogging the Boys

Cowboys news: Terry McLaurin more valuable than Amari Cooper? So says one analysis

PFF tries to explain why Terry McLaurin was the most valuable NFC East receiver over Amari Cooper.

“Terry McLaurin was the most valuable wide receiver in the NFC East last season, and there’s a reason,” PFF’s George Chahrouri said on the PFF Forecast. “This guy can go downfield. He can catch and run with it. He was the highest-graded rookie last year, better than [Tennessee Titans WR] A.J. Brown.”


To be fair, Cooper did post better numbers than McLaurin in almost every major receiving category. However, the Cowboys pass-catcher was gifted more targets and additionally had the benefit of playing with quarterback Dak Prescott, who was one of the league’s best passers in 2019.

As a rookie in Washington, McLaurin was forced into the No. 1 wideout role immediately. He answered the bell and excelled right away, totaling five-plus receptions and a TD in each of his first three NFL games. This was all despite having a constant revolving door at quarterback, playing with three different passers under center in 2019.

In just 14 games, the third-round pick finished with 58 catches for 919 yards, just eight yards shy of breaking the franchise’s rookie receiving record. McLaurin’s seven receiving touchdowns accounted for almost half of Washington’s scores via the passing game, too.