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Daily Slop: Redskins Media Links Roundup

A collection of Redskins articles from around the web

New York Giants v Washington Redskins Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images
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Reports: Redskins' three minority owners attempting to sell their stakes in the franchise | NBC Sports Washington
The Washington Redskins' three minority owners are trying to sell their stake in the team, according to a report from the Washington Post.

Redskins name change looms, but direction is now the debate - Washington Times
The Washington Redskins are searching for a new name, one that must not only win over their long-time fans who are passionate about the name "Redskins," but also be respectful toward the American Indian communities who have long taken offense to the team's name and logo.

'I'll believe this when I see it': Skip Bayless doubts that the Redskins will actually change their name | NBC Sports Washington
At this point, it sure seems like the Redskins won't be the Redskins for much longer. But not everyone sees that as the coming conclusion. Skip Bayless, for example, isn't anticipating a name change at all.

Former Patriot and Eagle Pro Bowler Asante Samuel takes shot at Darrell Green | NBC Sports Washington
Asante Samuel was a really good NFL cornerback. But he started off the Fourth of July with some odd tweets about Redskins Hall-of-Fame cornerback Darrell Green

Brian Mitchell doesn't believe a name change will impact Redskins' bond with D.C. community | NBC Sports Washington
Brian Mitchell shared his opinion on what the Redskins' new team name should be, as well as explained why he doesn't think the name change should impact the team's close relationship with the city they play in.

If the Redskins change their name, what does that mean for RFK Stadium? | NBC Sports Washington
Check social media and there's a clear split between some Redskins fans that are thrilled about the team possibly changing their name while others are heartbroken, but everybody wants a new stadium.

How quickly can the Redskins change their name? Nike has something to do with it | NBC Sports Washington
One of the Redskins' largest corporate sponsors might actually benefit if the team waits until next year to change its name.

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