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Pig Pen Podcast: Change Is Here?

Best options for the new name

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Detroit Lions v Washington Redskins Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

We all knew the time would come. A time when Dan Snyder’s money is messed with to extent that he is finally forced to change the name of the Washington Redskins.

When FedEx, the main sponsor of the stadium the team plays in, asks for a change it’s a big deal. When Nike – albeit in a petty move – takes down all apparel with the term “Redskins” on it, it’s a bigger move. Those two decisions were the collective straws that broke the camels back.

The name is changing.

If you’re one of the few that is still arguing to keep the team name more power to you. When doing so I would suggest yelling at the clouds, you’ll likely get better results than doing so on the internet.

The question is now, what should the name of the team be? I have narrowed my personal list to: Warriors, Redspears, Redtails and (Red)Hogs. The Warriors being the considerable favorite in my eyes for a number of reasons – all explained in this podcast.

There have bee a few other names I’ve seen tossed around. Odds Shark put out a list of names they thing the team will choose. Hopefully, you’re like me and realize that list is stupid trash. It’s absolutely terrible. But unfortunately, I’m sure those names are in some form of contention.

It’s important to keep in mind that through the process of changing the name is that the organization isn’t ditching any reference to Native Americans. In fact, it should be a top priority to keep Native American the imagery and symbolism, just do so in a way that is deemed more respectful. But of course, doing something that everyone deems “respectful” in 2020 isn’t exactly an easy feat.

Personally, I just want some variation of a spear uniform. I’ll be happy with that.

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