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Team Website Name Changed To, Social Media Accounts Make Similar Updates

Just five days after the team’s announcement, changes are already in the works.

In the latest step towards completing their “not-a-permanent-re-brand” re-brand, the recently minted Washington Football Team has officially changed their web home to Users who attempt to access the team’s former website URL are now directed to the new website name with updated logos and branding for the top of the page.

Similarly, the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages for the team have been migrated over to new handles (all @WashingtonNFL), while the YouTube and Snapchat (apparently still a thing!) pages have yet to change. These updates were first reported on July 23rd, the same day as the team’s initial announcement.

These changes come just five days after the initial report that, “The Washington Football Team will continue the process of retiring the Redskins name and hopes to be entirely rid of it on physical and digital spaces in the next 50 days, by the Sept. 13 regular-season opener against the Eagles.”

While we certainly don’t (and won’t, we promise) need to discuss our incremental results of “ctrl+f ‘Redskins’” every day on the team’s website (the first mention of the former team name does come about 1/3rd of the way down the page) it is notable that the team is wasting no time in attempting to meet their ambitious 50-day goal for making these modifications to their digital footprint.