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It appears as if the 2020 preseason will be cancelled

We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see NFL football games

Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There have been multiple reports that the NFL owners have reduced their earlier desire to have a shortened off-season of two preseason games, and that, on Monday, they agreed to the NFLPA position of cancelling the pre-season altogether.

On a day when there have been a number of reports of substantial progress being made between owners and the union, perhaps the movement on the preseason schedule will garner the most attention.

The elimination of preseason games will almost certainly have the biggest affect on the least experienced players. Late round draft picks and undrafted college free agents will find it harder to muscle their way onto NFL opening day rosters, though many of them will likely get other chances with expanded practice squads and the potential for COVID-19 to drive more week-to-week roster change this season.

However, even veteran free agents who were likely to be competing for backup or special teams roles could find it harder to make a roster, but those players will at least have experience with the game-day routines in the NFL — something that rookies will not have a chance to run through prior to opening day games this year.

Still, most commenters on Twitter seem to be taking the news in stride.

The rapid progress in talks appears to be fueled by the owners making a lot of concessions, which seems unusual given the history of the NFL’s negotiations with the players union, but that may be deceiving. Late reports are that the only remaining issues on the table are financial, and, as one person observed, “trading a little more player safety for a lot of money is a very NFL-NFLPA negotiations thing to do”.