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Terry Bateman named Washington's Executive VP & Chief Marketing Officer, will be leading the charge on the name change and branding process

Dan Snyder, center, Washington Redskins owner and private equity investor, talks about his acquisit Photo by Bryan Chan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Washington has had a pretty busy couple of weeks (and offseason to be honest). The franchise will be retiring the Redskins name and logo when they finish their review, but have already stopped using the name in press releases. They are also dealing with the fallout from last week's big sexual harrassment story from the Washington Post that led to the firing of their top two Pro Personnel Executives, and the sudden retirement of Larry Michael (all three men were named in the story). There's also a virus that puts the season in jeopardy as players and owners try to figure out how to play safely.

Ron Rivera was hired on New Year’s Eve to change the team’s culture, and turn it into a winner. He stepped into one of the NFL's most dysfunctional organizations with an owner whose reputation doesn't help to attract talent. Rivera has been front and center throughout the offseason and has been taking bullets for Dan since Day 1. He has played a big role in the reshaping of the coaching staff and front office personnel. He is also helping with the monumental task of choosing a new team name. How much time does he have left to focus on turning around a 3-13 team?

The team, like everyone else in the NFL during the pandemic, has had to turn to virtual coaching. There haven't been any mini-camps for rookies, tryout players, or veterans. The playbooks have been handed out and installed, and camp doesn't start until next week.

Now Rivera is getting some help dealing with the business side of the franchise, and will be able to focus on getting his players ready for some football. Dan Snyder is promoting Terry Bateman to Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer. He was the organization’s CMO in 2006, but will now expand on those duties in a role similar to the one Brian Lafemina filled two years ago. Washington's statement says Bateman will be leading the name change and branding process along with Dan Snyder.