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What Will Fans Do With No NFL Football This Fall?

Just when things were beginning to look up for the Redskins:

- No more Bruce Allen

- Dan Snyder taking a step back

- Ron Rivera as our new head coach/GM

- A real defensive coordinator in Jack Del Rio

- A switch to the 4-3 defense

- A roster littered with talent and youth

- Another solid draft

...Enter COVID19!

Even me, being the eternal optimist that I normally am, cannot help but now feel football season will not happen this fall - college or pro.

The recent spike in cases, no immediate slow-down in sight, no vaccine on the horizon and many articles being written about “if” there is a season, deaths to athletes are bound to happen - all have been leading me to flip my original opinion that the NFL season would happen(just maybe not how we normally know it) this fall.

I now feel that there is less than a ten percent chance that any games will be played this fall.

This is one of the few times I hope I am very wrong...but let’s just assume I am correct here, and we see a year without football. As a fan, what will you do?

- We may not get to wittiness the further maturation process of young Dwayne Haskins.

- We may not get to see if Chase Young can break the rookie sack record(although technically, he’ll be a rookie again in 2021).

- We may not get to experience F1’s “electric” sophomore campaign.

I’m sure “some” fall sports will continue.

Baseball should extend into late October. Maybe we see some golf and NASCAR without fans in attendance. It’s hard for me to imagine basketball starting back up in full-swing...but who knows.

What will you watch? What will your Sunday’s consist of with no football? What will your kids do if they are football players and the local districts shut things down? If football comes back in 2021, will you jump back in like you never missed a beat?

There is always 9 seasons and 201 episodes of The Office you can stream on Netflix. That should last you a few months...


Will ANY NFL regular season games be played this fall?

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  • 39%
    Yes, but it will be a shortened season
    (170 votes)
  • 27%
    No, the entire season will be cancelled
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  • 32%
    The full season will go on as planned
    (138 votes)
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