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Report: Dan and Tanya Snyder sent an apology letter to every member of the Redskins organization

Events have unfolded rapidly for the Washington franchise this week, as the team has announced its intention to move on from the Redskins moniker it has used since 1933 and the Washington Post published an article detailing charges of long-term sexual harassment that had place in the team’s offices. Three long-time employees, Larry Michael, Alex Santos and Richard Mann, all named as offenders in the article left the organization in the days before it was published in a clear effort by the team to get ahead of the story, if only slightly.

Head Coach Ron Rivera was the only person from the Redskins organization to speak officially on behalf of the team in the Washington Post article, which was published late Thursday evening. A day later, owner Dan Snyder released a public statement that was criticized by some as sounding impersonal and not going far enough.

Adam Schefter today reported that a more strongly worded and more personal statement was sent to all members of the organization from Snyder and his wife Tanya.


We are sad and disappointed, as you all are, after reading the story in The Washington Post yesterday. On behalf of the organization, we want to apologize to each of you and to everyone affected by this situation.

The actions in the story have no place in our franchise or in society. As you may be aware, when the past issues outlined in the article were initially brought to our attention, they were addressed at the time. However, some of these issues were brought forth only in the last few days and we have subsequently made changes and addressed them as well.

Clearly, there is work to be done to build a better organizational culture. We need to get better and the time is now.

To create the culture we all want, we need your help. We want you to be a part of this process. As we go forward, you will hear more from our leadership team in the near future about this action plan.

In closing, we want to thank you for everything you do for this organization. This offseason has been trying and difficult, and your work and commitment mean everything. We are committed to ensuring this organization is one that promises a high standard of personal conduct while also representing the values of inclusiveness, respect and diversity.


Dan and Tanya

The franchise, so long bereft of effective leadership, has a long way to go in many areas both on and off the field. As fans, there seems to be little we can do beyond crossing our fingers, closing our eyes, and hoping that this time will be different.