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CultureGate: Washington source says if we paid refs, we need to get our money back

It's wild out there right now

NFL: DEC 11 Redskins at Eagles Photo by Gavin Baker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Is this cabin fever, or just speculation gone wild? The problem with teasing a story for 4 days, with an organization that is run by Dan Snyder, is that stories will start to come out, and it's difficult to tell what's real, and what's elaborate fan fiction.

The latest rumor to come out of CultureGate is that Dan Snyder paid off refs. Did he pay them off to get blown out? To have a losing record? He did get that one call where the got possession of a fumble when the Browns RB had the ball in his hands so that was worth it(They won!).

Adam Schefter reached out to someone in Washington and got the same response that most fans had when they heard this rumor...