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Bombshell report about toxic culture at Redskins Park coming out, is Dan Snyder in trouble?

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Redskins name has been a point of controversy and it is finally being changed after owner Dan Snyder finishes his "review". So why is that not the biggest story for Washington's fans right now? Because there have been rumors and teases of a huge story coming about that implicates a lot of the top people at Redskins Park. From executives to coaches, and possibly even Dan Snyder himself.

The whispers started on Sunday night before Washington's name announcement the following morning. They have continued throughout the week with some national personalities chiming in.

The Redskins reportedly fired Director of Pro Personnel Alex Santos and Assistant Director of Pro Personnel Richard Mann II. These two former executives will reportedly be named in whatever mess is being reported. Chief Content Officer/Senior VP/”Voice of the Redskins” Larry Michael suddenly announced his retirement yesterday after 16+ years with the organization.

There hasn’t been a single word from Redskins Park to confirm any of these moves. The only announcement was that Jeff Scott was taking over Mann’s job. Eric Stokes is reportedly being brought over from the Panthers to replace Santos, but that’s not official yet. There was also a report that former Redskins great Don Warren was being hired for Mann's job, but that isn't happening now.

The endless stream of teases has annoyed fans, but has started to paint a bad picture of whats coming out today.. Some of the messages have gone beyond simple implication and stated flatly that the coming bad news is connected directly to the firings of two senior executives, Alex Santos and Richard Mann. The words “sexism” and “racism” have been thrown out there, along with the description, “toxic culture”, so we have some strong hints about the nature of the coming revelations.

Dan Snyder's minority partners in ownership of the team all want out. They pushed him for a name change, but they are also reportedly not interested in partnering with him personally. Did they know the hammer was dropping soon?

One question that might be popping up in your mind right now is why there seems to be so much mystery here. Why are reporters “teasing” this story instead of reporting it?

The answer seems to be that people in the media have heard rumors, or they have sources who are unwilling to go on record yet — that the bad news is out there in unreportable form until someone can meet the usual standards of journalism needed to publicly break the story. Why do I feel as if I may be reading the first official account of this on TMZ?

Then there is this thread from an old friend of the site:

There are very serious accusations flying around, and even speculation that this could lead to Dan Snyder losing his team. We'll have you covered whenever this story is finally released.