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Washington FC promotes Jeff Scott to Assistant Director of Pro Scouting

Earlier today, the Washington football club promoted Jeff Scott from Director of Football Strategy/Scout to Assistant Director of Pro Scouting/Advance Coordinator. He will keep some of the duties from his previous position including salary cap management.

It seems Scott was promoted into the position originally reported as being filled by Donnie Warren:

Scott began with the team in 2012:

Scott originally joined the team in January 2012 as a salary cap intern, assisting with cap analysis and contracts before becoming a scouting intern in May 2012. He served as a player personnel assistant during the 2013 season and as a Pro Scout starting. In 2018, he was formally promoted to Director of Football Strategy/Scout in 2018.

This internal promotion, combined with the addition of Eric Stokes from the Panthers as the Director of Pro Scouting, seems like a bit more balanced proposition than simply jettisoning Alex Santos and Richard Mann II and replacing them with two former Panthers’ front office execs.