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Division Links: BGN has thoughts on re-signing Jason Peters; BtB weighs in on Dak contract ahead of deadline

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images
Bleeding Green Nation

6 thoughts on the Eagles re-signing Jason Peters

On Andre Dillard, the offensive line outlook, and more.

The Eagles are clearly trying to put some spin on this move:

Don’t fall for it.

The Eagles were interested in bringing Peters back way before Brooks got hurt. And their interest in re-signing JP absolutely coincided with uncertainty about Dillard.

To be clear, I don’t blame the Eagles for trying to publicly spin the Peters signing has nothing to do with Dillard. They shouldn’t be trying to undermine their 2019 first-round pick’s confidence.

But the reality is that Peters being back in the building opens the possibility for him to take over at left tackle if Dillard really struggles like he did at times as a rookie. There will be calls for JP to replace the second-year blocker if things get bad. It’ll be interesting to see how patient the Eagles are with Dillard.

Blogging the Boys

Report: Cowboys “final offer” for Dak Prescott is between $33M and $35M/yr with over $100M guaranteed

While the main issue between Dak and the Cowboys has seemingly been one regarding the length of the proposed deal, the financial terms of it are obviously of interest as well. On Tuesday night, NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported the latest offer from the Cowboys which is certainly sizable, but not exactly one that would put Dak above all non-Patrick Mahomes quarterbacks.

If the annual average value were in fact $35M on the dot then that would tie Dak with Seattle’s Russel Wilson for the second-highest AAV among quarterbacks. That is certainly noteworthy.

It should also be mentioned that there is reportedly “over $100M guaranteed” here, but what exactly does that mean? Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff received over $110M in guarantees last year, and not only is he of the same draft class as Dak Prescott and the number one overall pick at that, but Dak has played considerably better. “Over $100M guaranteed” isn’t exactly a detail to be boasting about here.

The reality is that this is an extremely large amount of money, there is no denying that; however, it is barely meeting the definition of market rate (without seeing the full details mind you) and what’s more is it’s not projecting for the future.

If this had been the offer from the Cowboys last year then maybe they would have had more luck with it. The reality is that this offer, while sizable, doesn’t seem like one that would entice someone that holds just about all of the leverage like Dak does to the point of giving up said leverage.

Big Blue View

Saquon Barkley rated 8 points below Christian McCaffrey in Madden 21

EA Sports gave the Giants star a questionable rating in latest version of Madden video game

After Madden ratings for a handful of players were leaked early last night, Barkley was given a noticeable bump in his overall this afternoon. The official 91 overall rating for Barkley was released during Madden’s rating release special on ESPN.

A full list of Barkley’s ratings were discussed on the program, revealing some oddly low metrics for his catching, ball carrier vision, and strength. The rating associated with ball carrier vision relates to a runner’s ability to read the field in front of him. Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders chimed in on that issue.