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Adjusting to a New Name... “It’s Not Hard!”

NFL Network’s Steve Wyche gives his perspective on the upcoming name change on this edition of the Rile’d Up podcast

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NFL Franchise Washington Redskins To Change Team Name After 87 Years Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Big things are happening in the nation's capital and it’s not just about being in an election year. As many fans have heard, the Washington Football Club is changing it’s name — a name that has been riddled with controversy for years.

This all comes to fruition during a movement for equality. Tiffany is joined by the NFL Network’s Emmy nominated analyst, Steve Wyche. Wyche a graduate of Howard University formerly worked for the Washington Post, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ESPN, Miami Hearld and other great publications.

In this episode Wyche pulled no punches and held nothing back. He has engaged with the Native American community many times and has listened as they talked about their distaste for the name and its offensive nature.

He went on to recount a history of racism in the league and the country that needs to change, not just by checks or words, but by true actions. Wyche and Tiffany discuss the impact of the Black Lives Matter Movement and what this time may mean for the future.

While many people will find it hard to associate this team with a new name, the time is here and now. While the country works to find solutions for equality and opportunity, the NFL and it’s fans have an opportunity to do their part to help.

SOOOO... Here’s your chance to hear a furthered minority perspective on a history of oppression, tension, and inequality. Please comment, engage, share, and or vent. We at Rile’d Up are hopeful for the future. How about you?

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