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Division Links: BBV - Nate Solder named NFL’s most overpaid player; BGN asks if Philly OL is set to decline

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New York Giants v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images
Big Blue View

Nate Solder tops overpaid players list

Being overpaid is a pretty simple concept in the NFL: It means you’re making a lot of money, but you aren’t really producing enough to justify your pay check.

This list also features two receivers and two quarterbacks. If your favorite team doesn’t have a player on this list, that’s a good thing

1. Nate Solder, LT (Giants)

2020 cap hit: $19.5 million

When the Giants made Nate Solder the highest-paid left tackle in NFL history back in 2018, they were probably hoping that his play would justify his pay, but that simply hasn’t been the case. Solder has been so bad that he might actually go down as one of the free agent busts in NFL history.

If you watched any highlights of the Giants from 2019, you may have noticed that Daniel Jones was almost always running for his life. A big reason for that is because of Solder’s struggles: The left tackle surrendered 11 sacks last year, according to Pro Football Focus. If you’re wondering what the Giants currently think of Solder, all you have to do is look at they did in the 2020 draft: After only two seasons of watching Solder play, the Giants decided they needed to upgrade at tackle, which is why they selected Andrew Thomas with the fourth overall pick.

Two years after being signed, Solder still has the biggest cap hit of any left tackle in the NFL and the second-biggest cap hit of any offensive linemen heading into 2020.

Bleeding Green Nation

Is the Eagles’ offensive line set to decline?

One report suggested Jason Peters returning to the Eagles is inevitable. Until that signing officially happens, though, Dillard is slated to be Philly’s left tackle moving forward. There’s reason to be optimistic about the 2019 first-round pick. He’s very athletic, he performed at a high level in college, and he’s reportedly added 15 pounds to his frame. There’s also reason to be concerned about Dillard’s outlook. That the Eagles have openly admitting to considering a Peters return, which is less than a 100% vote of confidence in Dillard. Further, there were multiple reports about the Eagles being open to moving Dillard. One went as far to characterize that the team “dangled” him as “trade bait.” These reports don’t conflict with inside information that I heard about Dillard. There are internal concerns about the Washington State product’s mental makeup following multiple outbursts during his rookie season. Not to mention, most importantly, his on-field struggles not only at right tackle but on the left side as well. 2020 will be critical for Dillard as he tries to prove he can not only handle replacing Peters but also be the Eagles’ long-term answer at left tackle. That is, assuming the Eagles don’t bring JP back to block his developmental path. Such a scenario would be disappointing and troubling in the big picture.

Brooks is out for the season after tearing his Achilles in mid-June. Just a terrible development.

Pryor seems like the favorite to replace Brooks in the starting lineup. The 2018 sixth-round pick isn’t the best athlete but he’s pretty big at 6-7, 332 pounds. Pryor didn’t look like a disaster while filling in for Brooks last year but he only played 79 total snaps. It remains to be seen how he’ll hold up over a longer period of time.

Can Dillard step up? Or, if Peters is brought back, can he hold at 38 years old? Is Pryor really ready to start? Just how much will the Eagles miss Brooks? Who is the swing tackle? Who’s the top backup guard?

The Eagles have more questions along the offensive line than they’ve had in recent seasons.

Blogging the Boys

Article claims the Cowboys have “all but given up hope” on Randy Gregory being reinstated

Another twist in the long sage of Randy Gregory.

This comes from an article by Clarence E. Hill, Jr. in the Star-Telegram where he is recounting a bunch of things about the Cowboys offseason. Toward the end of it he drops in this sentence.

The team has also all but given up hope of defensive end Randy Gregory being reinstated from indefinite suspension.

That’s it. No explanation as to why that is, who among the Cowboys organization has said it, or if there are league sources telling him any reason behind it. So, absent any other information, it’s hard to understand that. Maybe Hill will come forward with some more information that would substantiate what he claims in the article.


Bleeding Green Nation

Brian Baldinger is hearing whispers about the Eagles making a big move this week

Maybe Baldy — who’s been guilty of hyperbole in the past (see: Asante Samuel and Dimitri Patterson are the best cornerback tandem in the NFL) — is over-hyping a smaller addition the Eagles might make. You know, such as signing LeSean McCoy or Devonta Freeman. The Eagles have been rumored in those two free agents.

It’s hard for me to believe the Eagles are about to spend major cap space considering the team is currently projected to be $50.7 million OVER in 2021. And that’s before accounting for any COVID-19 impact to the salary cap, which could make things trickier for Howie Roseman.