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It’s a bit hard to separate reports from rumors as Monday morning looms large for the DC franchise

But everyone seems to agree it marks the end of the Redskins moniker

Indianapolis Colts v Washington Redskins Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Twitter is running hot with sources, stories, rumors and guesses about what is going on at Redskins Park. There are only two things everyone seems to agree on:

  1. Monday morning (and perhaps the rest of the week) will see changes announced by the franchise.
  2. The Redskins moniker, which has been used by the franchise since 1933, will be officially “retired” on Monday following the name review that had been previously announced on July 3rd.

After that, the reports and rumors diverge.

Mike Jones at USA Today says the organization will announce the new team name

Washington owner Daniel Snyder plans to announce the retirement of the “Redskins” nickname and reveal a new team name Monday morning, a person with knowledge of the situation confirmed to USA TODAY Sports.

The NBC Sports Washington tweet sounds like they back up Mike Jones, but do they?

This story begins by citing the USA Today story written by Jones, but quickly pivots to introduce conflicting reports.

Whether Washington will formally introduce a new name on Monday is still unclear. While Jones reported that the team will reveal its new name, Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal reported the team has yet to finalize what the new moniker will be. Additionally, Washington could have some trouble trademarking its new name.

Ben Fischer of Sports Business Daily was aggressively reporting on Twitter on Sunday evening that the Redskins would NOT announce the new name on Monday

The Washington Redskins intend to announce on Monday that the team will retire its nickname, two sources said. The move comes 11 days after stadium naming-rights sponsor FedEx’s public statement asking for a change to the controversial moniker. The new nickname will not be announced immediately because trademark issues are pending, the sources said, but insiders were told today that the “thorough review” announced July 3 has concluded. The team felt it was important to remove any doubts as to the future of the name, one source said.

The timeline for announcing a new name was unclear, but the sense of urgency inside the organization is clear.

Matthew Paras from the Washington Times backs up the Ben Fischer report

Martin McCaulay has gotten a lot of media attention for registering multiple potential team names in an effort to “squat” on them; he was active on Twitter this weekend as well

Here’s that report from the Washington Post that McCaulay referred to

Darren Haynes, from WUSA9, takes a slightly different tack, saying that the organization hasn’t yet decided what the new name will be

Events may go well beyond just re-naming the team

Late on Sunday, reports emerged that Alex Santos and Richard Mann — the Director and Assistant Director of Pro Personnel — had been fired by the Redskins organization. Subsequently, people started suggesting that the news coming out of Ashburn this week would be about a lot more than just the name change, with some people painting it as ominous.

In the same vein, a Ben Standig tweet sent just minutes after this one from JP Finlay ended with the caution, “There’s a lot going on with this team. Keep alert.”

Here at Hogs Haven, we’ll be up early with our ear to the ground, ready with updates on news reports, rumors and announcements.

This is not the usual sleepy off-season for what is still, for the moment, Redskins football.