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What’s In A Name (Change)?

It’s beginning to feel like a name change is imminent, and the Porkcast crew has some thoughts to share.

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the Washington Redskins play the Arizona Cardinals Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

The Porkcast crew is back, and finally ready to talk about the thing that’s on everyone’s mind: the future of the Washington Redskins — specifically the state of the “name change” debate. It’s looking more and more like a rename and rebrand are a foregone conclusion, and we want to take a moment to discuss our impressions of the movement thus far, to offer up a little bit of a historical perspective, considering the grassroots vs. corporate nature of pressure to act, and to consider what this means for the team and fanbase going forward.

While it’s clearly been an issue that is highly emotionally charged, we have to ask the question — is there something so wrong about changing one’s opinion after listening, learning, and gathering new information?

We have a full recognition that there are strong emotional ties to the team, to the memories that have tied fans from multiple generations (who have experienced varying levels of gratitude from their relationship with the club), and the city, but is there another way to consider this shift as an opportunity to re-engage lapsed fans or to bring in new ones? To that end, what would it mean to be “on the right side of history?” We take some time to discuss a piece on Hogs Haven that got a lot of attention this week, “The ‘Redskins,’ racism, and the future of a franchise” which, if you haven’t read it yet — what are you waiting for?

We tackle three big questions on this episode: you knew that the name had to change in order for the team to move back into DC — would that sway your opinion? What team name do you want to see (and what will we see) when the re-brand happens? And finally how important is it to you that the team keep their current colors and iconography / is this an opportunity to establish some “DCynergy” with a similar color scheme to the other pro teams in the area?

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If you knew that the Redskins name had to change in order for the team to move back into DC — how would that impact your opinion?

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  • 28%
    I would support a name change only if it meant they could move back into the District.
    (134 votes)
  • 50%
    I would not be in favor of the team changing the name EVEN if it meant they couldn’t move back into the city.
    (237 votes)
  • 20%
    I want the team to change the name, and don’t want them to move back into the district.
    (98 votes)
469 votes total Vote Now


In the event the Redskins engage in a rebrand, which would you prefer to see?

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  • 85%
    Maintain burgundy & gold color scheme.
    (452 votes)
  • 14%
    A full re-brand to include colors more in line with the other Washington-area pro sports teams (red, white, and blue.)
    (74 votes)
526 votes total Vote Now


How do you feel about "Warriors" as the Redskins new name?

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  • 44%
    I like it
    (1721 votes)
  • 24%
    Not a fan
    (931 votes)
  • 31%
    It’s making the best of a bad situation
    (1226 votes)
3878 votes total Vote Now


Which name would you prefer most?

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  • 17%
    (1538 votes)
  • 64%
    (5586 votes)
  • 17%
    (1549 votes)
8673 votes total Vote Now