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Division Links: BGN puts Dexter Manley on ten “most hated” list; BtB proclaim CeeDee Lamb “literally one of the greatest WRs in college football history”

Bleeding Green Nation

Ranking the Eagles’ 10 most hated NFC East enemies

We’re talking players here, not teams.

Man, the 1980s and ‘90s truly were the glory days for the NFC East.

Think about the incredible rivalries that existed during that time.

Washington is woefully underrepresented on this list. Think about it, is there a player from that franchise that you truly hated? I mean, Mark Rypien was annoying in 1991, but other than that, he wasn’t much of a threat. The trio of Gary Clark, Ricky Sanders and Art Monk were devastatingly good, but not hateable. Darrell Green was too nice a guy to hate.

10. Dexter Manley - Washington Football Team

The former defensive end is the only member of Washington on this list, although I considered putting DeSean Jackson here because of how he tortured Eagles fans while wearing the burgundy and gold. Manley had a great nickname “The Secretary of Defense,” and in 1986 tallied a ridiculous 18.5 sacks. In nine years with Washington he piled up 91 sacks and routinely made life awful for Ron Jaworski and Randall Cunningham.

Manley’s actually had some really rough patches in his life. He was forced to retire after four failed drug tests and revealed in his post-playing career that he was functionally illiterate. He was treated for a colloid cyst and had to undergo brain surgery in 2006 and was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, but thankfully he appears to be OK. His inclusion on this list is a hatred of respect, given his 16 career sacks in 19 games against Philadelphia.

Blogging the Boys

CeeDee Lamb is literally one of the greatest wide receivers in college football history

In case you were unaware, CeeDee has often been referred to as a “YAC gawd” and if you are still unaware, that means that he is insanely good after the catch. That was sort of his calling card while at the University of Oklahoma.

The Cowboys seem to have added a player that knows a thing or two about what to do once the football gets into his hands. He is literally one of the best to have done so at the collegiate level.

People have looked at CeeDee’s production and compared it to different players before, but one analysis of it seemed to catch CeeDee’s eye specifically so much so that he felt inclined to share it on Twitter. He is one of the greatest to ever do it from a yards per reception standpoint.

Randy Moss is on this list and while there are still Cowboys fans upset that the team did not draft him most have considered the drafting of CeeDee something of a makeup for that error. There are some notable players in team history featured here, though.

Michael Irvin is the greatest wide receiver to have ever played for the Cowboys and while he’s near the top of this list with an average of 16.9, he doesn’t come close to CeeDee’s 19.0.

The Dallas Cowboys drafted CeeDee Lamb. Seriously. It never gets old.

Bleeding Green Nation

Jeffrey Lurie’s film company announces completion of project that’s been in the works for three years: “The Meaning of Hitler”

No, seriously.

I don’t even know how to preface this latest Philadelphia Eagles news so I’ll just drop it in right here:

I mean, just, what a development to take place during the same week that DeSean Jackson is under fire for sharing anti-Semitic sentiment that involved quotes attributed to ... Hitler!

Big Blue View

Saquon Barkley ranked NFL’s best RB by league executives

Giants’ star “can generate more big plays than anyone”

ESPN asked 50 league executives, ranging from coaches to players, to rank the top 10 players at each position for right now. The voters gave their top 10 or 15 players at a position, and ESPN then compiled the rankings based on the number of top 10 votes. In the case of a tie, ESPN isolated the players into a singular matchup and acquired additional voting and input.

The NFL execs dubbed Saquon Barkley the No. 1 running back in the NFL. Barkley edged out Christian McCaffrey and Ezekiel Elliott.

One NFC executive highlighted Barkley’s game-breaking ability as a reason why he’s the NFL’s top back.

“Can score from anywhere on the field, and you feel that. That’s rare. Can generate more big plays than anyone.”

An AFC executive cited Barkley’s all-around skill set.

“Cutting ability, vision, contact balance — he’s got it all. Nothing he doesn’t do.”

Since the exercise was solely based on who the best running back is for 2020, it’s fair to wonder if executives are expecting McCaffrey to cool down after touching the ball 403 times on offense last year.

Additionally, despite starting his career with back-to-back 1,000+ yard seasons, the polled executives seem to believe the best for Barkley is yet to come, as the article dubs a Year 3 surge seemingly “inevitable.”