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Cam Newton won't be reuniting with Ron Rivera, signs 1-year deal with the Patriots

Cam to New England

Carolina Panthers v Cleveland Browns

There has been a lot of speculation about Cam Newton reuniting with Ron Rivera in Washington. People that know the Redskins situation could tell you the odds of this happening were pretty slim. Dwayne Haskins Jr. is entering his 2nd year with the Redskins after being selected 15th overall in 2019.

Haskins has impressed Rivera so far this offseason with his work ethic, and he has been working hard to transform his body this year. Rivera already traded for one of his former Panthers QBs, sending a 5th round pick to Carolina for Kyle Allen.

The New England Patriots have reportedly signed Cam Newton to a 1-year deal, worth up to $7.5 million. There had been rumors this was happening, and they needed a QB after losing Tom Brady in free agency to the Buccaneers.

The Redskins could have afforded that price tag, they currently have the 2nd most cap space at ~$36.5 million. But it's impossible to know if that deal would have been the same for a Redskins team coming off a 3-13 season, even with Rivera in charge. The other factor is Cam Newton's recent injuries. Rivera and the training staff are very familiar with Cam's health going into this season.

The Redskins made it clear to Dwayne Haskins this year before the draft that he was the man in Washington when they told him to ignore all the noise about them drafting a QB. Now the door has been shut on the Cam Newton speculation. Dwayne Haskins Jr. is the Redskins QB this year, and hopefully for many years to come.