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Change the Name T-Shirts

Is it time for the Redskins to change their name?

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The Washington Redskins have had their name since original owner George Preston Marshall moved the team from Boston in 1937. The team was originally named the Boston Braves in 1932, but changed it to the Boston Redskins after one season. The Redskins name has been controversial for a long time, with varying levels of protest associated with it over the decades. Current owner Dan Snyder made it very clear that he doesn’t plan on ever changing the team’s name.

There is a movement going on to remove and/or rename racist monuments, brands, and symbols here and abroad. We have already seen the city of Washington D.C. remove the George Preston Marshall Memorial Statue from outside of RFK Stadium due to his racist views about segregation of black players. The team then renamed the lower level of FedEx Field, replacing GPM with Redskins great Bobby Mitchell. The Redskins also officially removed him from their Ring of Fame, their history wall, and their website.

Fans have strong opinions about the team keeping their name, and their history. There have also been numerous polls done over the years asking Native Americans how they feel about the name with differing results. The decision will ultimately come down to Dan Snyder, unless the NFL gets involved and forces a change which seems unlikely. The team is looking for a site for their new stadium, but has met resistance from returning to Washington D.C. due to the name. Will the name change anytime soon?

If you support the name change, BreakingT has a new T-shirt available to purchase.

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