The Skins are starting anew this year. Nah. The Skins have been starting anew the past 20 years. Yep. We get to look at some new blood as well as some young blood this year. Thought it might be fun to pick who might be a pleasant surprise from these 2 groups. By pleasant surprise I mean someone who will exceed expectations but might not attain what Scary Terry accomplished last year. Maybe we can do that tomorrow. Parameters are simple: 1 rookie offense 1 rookie defense 1 newer vet offense 1 newer vet defense. Give your opinions why. Congratulations, you just killed 15 minutes of Covid19 lockdown if your like me and live in Hawaii.

Rookie O - Thad Moss. Moss will never be Kelce or Kittle but he does have upside. He's a tenacious and fundamentally sound blocker (tape don't lie). He's got soft hands. Although primarily a blocker he will be good enough catching the foot ball that you gotta account for him. Like Warren was back when the Skins had some street rep.

Rookie D - Not a lot of choices. Khaleke Hudson. Just because.

Vet O - Blew his knee out November rookie season. Takes min 1 year for 100%. Look at Conklin. Hear he put some muscle on up top. I think he's healthy and ready to be a pleasant surprise.

Vet D - Cole Holcomb - If he cleans up pass coverage skills this kid could ball. Had a solid rookie year. With a year under his belt he's ready to become a pleasant surprise.