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Caption This!: Neon Deion’s Super Suit

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a great caption is priceless.


On this week (checks calendar, feels old, turns to dust) twenty years ago the Redskins made one of the first, if not the biggest splash in Off-season Champion™ caliber moves, signing former Cowboy rival and now NFL hall-of-famer Deion Sanders to a seven-year $56-million contract in what was described at the time described by the Associated Press as “the boldest move yet in an audacious offseason that reflects the championship-or-bust mentality of owner Dan Snyder.” That offseason also saw the Redskins bring to town other high profile free agents such as Bruce Smith, Mark Carrier, and Jeff George, though none were more notable than the eight-time pro bowl defensive back.

Sanders, who earned an $8 million signing bonus surely lived up to his flashy nickname of “Neon Deion” with perhaps the most famous (or infamous) Redskins-themed attire in memory, with a custom made-burgundy and gold three piece suit that he donned to his introductory press conference.

In hindsight, the deal clearly wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, as Sanders “retired” after just one season in Washington before finishing his playing career following two season with the Baltimore Ravens.

As we dive into the Hogs Haven memory bank from two decades gone by... Caption This!:

FBN-DEION-REDSKINS 3 Photo credit should read -/AFP via Getty Images