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Terry McLaurin talks about working out with Dwayne Haskins Jr., improving his game, versatility in the new Redskins offense, and more

Terry McLaurin answers questions from the media

Terry McLaurin was one of the best parts of an otherwise miserable season for the Redskins last year. He isn’t satisfied with a very good rookie season though, his goal is to be a dominant WR in the NFL. He took a month off after the season, before he began working out for this season following the Super Bowl. McLaurin has been working out with QB Dwayne Haskins, and his fellow Redskins receivers, but has also sought out veterans like LeSean McCoy and Frank Gore to learn from. He spoke about new Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner’s offense, and his ability to be a versatile weapon in it.

Working out:

Improving his game:

2020 season:

Dwayne Haskins Jr.:

More media attention:

Proving himself:

Team leader:


WRs working out with Haskins:

Steven Sims Jr./Kelvin Harmon:

Big plays:


Racial injustice/protests:

Moving forward with his development:

Being a dominant receiver:

Adding a veteran WR:

Working out with Frank Gore/LeSean McCoy: